Focus on Who You are Becoming not What You Deserve

You vs Your Environment Friends, family, acquaintances, old schoolmates, work colleagues and me included always have something to say about the economy, rising cost of living, skyrocketing debt levels, the spouse batterer next door yet have nothing to say about what we can control in our lives. In the Gospels, in the book of Matthew, … Continue reading Focus on Who You are Becoming not What You Deserve


Count Your Blessings: Name them One by One

My Blessings For the last two weeks, I have a been sleeping at an exclusive guest house enjoying a sumptuous supper and breakfast all paid and taken care of.  Well, this is not something happening out of the blue. Probably many of you have had a similar or even better experience while an equal majority … Continue reading Count Your Blessings: Name them One by One

Use Common Sense

  Twelve years ago, I got enrolled in an institution of secondary education that was deemed one of the best in the country. We first formers were called “MONOS”.  I guess the older students came up with the nickname because we were always on the receiving end of their harassment and bullying. Coming from a … Continue reading Use Common Sense

You are Allowed to Get Stuck in Life but Never Stop

Feel no motivation to write this post this afternoon. So to speak, I have been on a forced writing leave for unknown reasons that only I should be able to comprehend. Most writers will agree with me that it comes to that point in their writing career when they feel burned out and there is … Continue reading You are Allowed to Get Stuck in Life but Never Stop

No Glory Without Sacrifice

This morning while attending a monthly departmental meeting at my workstation I happened to be among those listening to our guest for the day - a recruitment officer with the company I work with. To say the least, her story was inspiring let alone motivating. Every sentence from her mouth broke forth through the still … Continue reading No Glory Without Sacrifice

4 Misunderstood Statements about Money

Hello good people, It has been long since we got to interact with each other but I’m fit and sound like a giant fig tree. For a moment, I have been having these negative thoughts about money but on a closer introspection, I realized how wrong I was. To some of us, money has been … Continue reading 4 Misunderstood Statements about Money